NEW - Changes to the WCB’s Employer’s Initial Report of Injury (E1) form

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The new features of the online E1 form include:

  • A document upload feature: Employers will be able to attach documentation with the E1 form submission. This could include pictures related to the worker’s injury, incident reports or medical notes.
  • Fewer required fields – This will allow users to get the E1 form submitted to the WCB faster so workers can get the support they need sooner.
  • Fewer questions – Based on the feedback from users the E1 form was redesigned so the WCB is not asking questions that did not provide value for a worker to receive support.
  • An enhanced dashboard that gives the users a better view of what E1s are submitted and saved.

When you submit your E1 form online, the form is automatically entered into the WCB system, which eliminates delays that can occur if mailed.

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