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Earnings Verification
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POL 07/2016

Effective date: June 1, 2016

Last updated: April 12, 2016

Application: All claims on long-term earnings replacement.

Policy subject: Benefits for workers - Long term benefits


To establish guidelines for annual earnings verification for claims receiving long-term earnings loss benefits.


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Customer means an injured worker or surviving dependent spouse.


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  1. Customers entitled to compensation are required to provide any proof of claim that the WCB requires (Section 44(2) and Section 47(1)).
  2. Payments made to a customer may be reviewed by request of the WCB, the worker, their dependent or the worker’s employer. Upon review, the WCB may terminate, diminish or increase payments to a worker (Section 100(1)(2)).
  3. Canada or Quebec Pension Plan (CDP/QPP) Disability Benefits may offset a worker’s earnings loss benefits (Section 95).
  4. The WCB will complete ongoing reviews of a worker’s actual or estimated earnings, when they are entitled to long-term earnings loss benefits as established through POL & PRO 01/2018, Benefits – Long-Term Earnings Loss.


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  1. Annually, the WCB will review wage loss benefits:
    1. If a worker has been in receipt of wage loss benefits for a period in excess of 12 consecutive months.
    2. A worker is unable to return to pre-injury earnings, or
    3. Where a dependant spouse is in receipt of wage loss benefits (Section 81(6)).
  2. The WCB will review a customer’s information received from the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA), to verify their:
    1. Earnings.
    2. Tax exemption status, and
    3. If they receive CDP or survivor’s benefits.
  3. Annual verification will ensure that the information used for calculating long-term earnings loss benefits is reflective of the actual or estimated earnings of the customer.
  4. If CRA tax information is unavailable, the WCB may use alternate means of verifying a customer’s earnings and tax exemption status.
  5. The WCB will recalculate and increase or decrease long-term earnings loss benefits if it is determined that information used to calculate the benefit was incorrect.
  6. The WCB will pursue all overpayments resulting from a recalculation (POL 17/2016, Overpayment Recovery – Compensation.
  7. The WCB will not recalculate and retroactively adjust long-term earnings loss benefits to include salary increases or promotions effective after the day of injury that change pre-injury earnings.

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20, 25, 44, 47(1), 68, 81(6), 95, 100(1) and 100(2).

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POL 12/2010 Verification of Earnings

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