WCB's Business Transformation Program

Over the past number of years, we’ve seen how the needs of our customers – the workers and employers of Saskatchewan – have changed. 

We started the Voice of the Customer initiative for the purpose of better understanding these changing needs of our customers. What we learned is that we need to transform the way we serve you. 

Last year, we launched the WCB’s Business Transformation Program. 
During our public presentations, our CEO shares information about the Business Transformation Program. What is your level of familiarity with this program?
The Business Transformation Program is a five to seven-year journey. What is the best method for the WCB to keep you informed about the status of this program? (Check all that apply.)
Would you be willing to participate in process improvement events with our staff or other future program-related activities such as focus groups, testing groups and/or workshops so that you have a voice in the improvements that we make on behalf of customers? (Check all types of feedback you would like to be involved in.)